Caller ID

HI everyone

I must be missing something

I installed the FreePBX system on a new box - for a few months now - but my Caller ID does not work ?

What do I do ? - It doesn’t seem much I can do to make it work

I checked with my Service Provider - they say the ID is coming thru their system and they see it go to the router - and I should be receiving it in my PBX

Well My Polycom Phones - register UNKNOWN as the caller ID

Is there a Setup I need to do ?

Thank you for your help


The asterisk CLI offers a lot of debugging options.

You could start with asterisk -vvvvvvvvr, call your own telephone number, e.g. with a cellphone, and whatch the messages which should be scrolling by. You should be able to see wether or not your provider does indeed provide caller ID.

What kind of trunks are you using (SIP, ZAP, IAX2, …)? Depending upon the type of trunk, your location and/or your provider, there might be differences in Caller-id signaling

HI and thank you for your help

I will try this and the trunks are SIP -using Polycom IP601 and IP430 Phones

Thank you