Caller ID whit name in inboud Call its posible

Hi I have the following question.
I want to load a list of phone numbers, usually called our numbers,
Try the module “Asterisk Phonebook” load a number and call from that number, but I get the number and not the name like this in the phonebook

For Example in the asterisk Phonebook y put

Name: Test
Number: 1159965501
Speed Dial Code: 99
Set speed Dial: cheked

Thanks in advance

Sorry for my english

That will depend on your carrier, but for the most part that will be a definite “No” at least to PSTN numbers.

You can have the numbers match the asterisk phonebook with a module such as cidsupefecta. It’s not a definite no

Maybe I am wrong but in my experience in NANP land at least any call to a PSTN will have the LEC dip the LERG database and not accept an arbitrary CNAM. If I could do otherwiswe I would, please explain how I can arrange that.

If the call comes in with a number then we can add cnam to it through freepbx.

Maybe I missed something, I ass-u-me-d an outgoing call, so to clarify :-

If the call goes to a number then we cannot generally add cnam to it through freepbx.

Ok no he is talking about inbound numbers.

He means he called from THAT number (say his cell phone) to the PBX and say only the number, not the name he expected.

Although I notice

" . . . load a number and call from that number . . ."

I read “. . from that number . .” as I say I am normally wrong in second guessing anyone, just using “applied semantics” an apparent fading art.

We will have to defere to the OP, Maybe glew has a clew :wink: