Caller ID when using call pickup

I’m not sure if this is related only to the beta as I’ve not tried on 2.2. It is however going to be a major sticking point in the roll out. I’m currently running tests with a sampling of ten phones and should be scaling up to ~50 and a PRI over the next few months.

During tests, this problem appeared today.

Scene: I’m at my desk, a colleague’s phone behind me is ringing and he’s not there - I’m using the current phone system and press the ‘group pickup’ button (or use directed call pickup, the results are the same) My phone answers the call and the callers name appears on my phones screen.

With the asterisk/freepbx kit though, on my screen I see only the number that I’ve dialled to answer the call, say **101 or *8. I dont really mind this, but the users will object.

The phones are Aastra 57i’s and I dont know if this is even possible to fix. Is it the phone or the software? Can some people with other types of phone try this and post their results please?

you’ll have to search the forums - but I believe this may be an Asterisk limitation. If you find there is a solution though please post it. I know I’ve seen other people asking about this - not sure which forum though. This is not beta specific so I’ll move this to the users topic.