Caller ID when transferring

Hello All,

I have read on the topic some information saying that asterisk itself doesn’t do this because of an RFC, but I wanted to make sure there was nothing I could do to make this work.

When an outside call comes into the PBX and goes to the operator, that person has the Caller ID from the outside caller, when we transfer that call with xfer, dial extensions, xfer the now receiving caller only sees the caller ID from the operator not the outside source ( this also shows up this way in the log files ).

I have seen when we use BLF buttons to transfer where the caller ID is also being forwarded, but I can’t get it to be consistant.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to insure the caller ID is always passed along to the receiving caller which also makes for better reading for the log files?
  2. Is there some workaround if the above is no?


What type of phones are you using?

Using Cisco SPA504G/SPA525G/SPA942

BLF button code looks like fnc=blf+sd+cp;[email protected]


What version of asterisk/freepbx are you running? I believe that this goes better on 1.8 asterisk.

Once the call is transferred does it show the correct callerid info?

I think on the Sipura/Linksys/Cisco Small Biz phones you have to use Blind xfer “## then ext number” as they don’t have a blind option.

If when you push the transfer button a blind softkey is displayed use that and it will preserve CID.

As Peter pointed out 1.8 will update the CID after a consultive transfer, that is still not as useful as the correct CID being displayed.

I’m using the latest and greatest FreePBX
I will try the ## in front of the extension.


Hey Skyking check these out, saw them the other day and thought of your icon:

No, not ## in the BLF that’s won’t work. You use ## while in the call to transfer.

Hit the ## cadence in a call and Asterisk will prompt you for the extension to transfer to.

OK, so thats the workaround for the transfer thats not from a BLF, but what about the BLF button which appears to not send the caller ID?


I don’t know of any work around with the BLF, I have not discovered one yet. The BLF needs to subscribe to the hint and performs and attended transfer from the phone. From Asterisk perspective it needs to do a blind transfer.

I have seen some macro’s that have possibility on Polycom but to date have not implemented. The SPA’s are more rigid