Caller ID when person presses 0 to connect back to operator from voice mail

One of my sites just brought this to my attention and I was wondering if this is the behavior of Asterisk or FreePBX or both.

FreePBX Distro

  1. A person calls in over one of the FXO channels

  2. The receptionist at ext 301 answers and transfers the caller to the extension of the person the caller wants to speak to at extension 501.

  3. The call is transferred to ext 501 and I can see the caller ID of the person that called in on the the phone display of extension. The person at ext 501 does not answer and the call is sent to VM for ext 501.

  4. The person who called in hits 0 to get back to the operator and the operator at ext 301 gets the call sent back to her but the caller ID that the operator sees is her own ext 301 and not the caller ID of the person who called in.

It seems that the system is sending the correct Caller ID when the call is transferred from ext 301 to ext 501 but when the call is sent back by pressing 0 the caller ID is not updated for ext 301.