Caller ID when follow me from dahdi card


I am looking for a solution for the following scenario:

Incoming call -> FXO card openvox a800p DAHDI -> ext100 with follow me to my mobile/cellular number.

What i want to do is to take the Caller ID of the incoming call, and then use this caller ID when i go out to my mobile in follow me.

In this case i can see who is calling me while i am not at my desk.

I am the provider, so i can accept any caller IDs.

Thank you,
Voip Telekom

… and send the outbound connection over a SIP/IAX2 trunk that allows you to set the CallerID. Most T1/E1/PRI providers do not let you set the Caller ID on your outgoing calls.

I recommend “CallWithUs” for this, since they allow for pay-as-you-go outbound and don’t care if you want an inbound at all.