Caller ID when calling out

We have just started using Freepbx at the beginning of the year version 1.818.210.62-4. We were using an Avaya system before. I have had many complaints about when they dial out, it does not show the name of who they are calling only the extension number. It does show the name and extension when receiving a call. We are using Aastra phones 671i, 6735i, and 6739i. I have found that you can create a csv file for the directory in Aastra phones and put it in tftpboot and this will show who you are calling. The only thing is there is a 200 limit for this. Is there another way that this can be done? Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Two ways to do this…

1 - Enable RPID feature
2 - Use Aastra XML application

Thanks SkykingOH
Enabling the RPID feature did the trick.

Hi rgsmith,

Juste enabling RPID solved the problem ? I have the same issue with the directory stop to 200…