Caller ID using follow me from dahdi card @ trixbox


I am looking for a solution for the following scenario:

Incoming call -> FXO card openvox a800p DAHDI -> ext100 with follow me to my mobile/cellular number.

What i want to do is to take the Caller ID of the incoming call, and then use this caller ID when i go out to my mobile in follow me.

In this case i can see who is calling me while i am not at my desk.

I am the provider, so i can accept any caller IDs.

Thank you,
Voip Telekom

It’s hard to believe a provider would use a trixbox in a production environment. It is equally surprising that you don’t know you can’t assert caller ID on an analog line.

trixbox uses an out of date,modified and unsupported version of FreePBX. trixbox has for all intents and purposes abandoned the project having not committed updates this year.

I suggest you consider the new FreePBX distribution. It contains the current version of FreePBX and Asterisk. You will never look back.

Personally I also feel that if you are going to provide service to paying customers that you learn more about the platform you are using to provide service.

This we need to do for us, and the caller id i can get from the card, it is not a problem.

I check also the new freepbx.


None of that changes the fact that you can’t set called ID on an analog line.

I do not want to change caller id of the analog line, from analog i want to get the caller id, then do the forwarding by voip depending on the number.