Caller ID transfer


Is it possible to transfer/forward incomming call from inbound route to other number ( not extension) with caller ID ? ,

I have configured Inbound routes and misc destinations and all works good, but everytime someone calls and the calli is transfered than I see my phone number, not the callers number.

Thanks in advance for help.

best regards

You possibly have the CID getting overwritten in the settings for outbound route or trunk? If you post a log of the call from Asterisk someone might be able to help you.

Problem is that I dont have access to log.

But the situation is that for example I have lines and 3 GSM lines and now when someone calls on GSM 1 than the call is answered and transfered to cell phone threw GSM 2 or 3 - so in that situation I allways see the number of GSM 2 or 3, so I dont see the caller ID.

Is it possible to forward the caller ID in that situation?


Ok. Thanks.

Than is it possible with any other way to transfer call to GSM number ( maybe threw voip?) with caller ID ?