Caller ID to CNAME and Queuemetrics

Hello. Need a good method to take a small (50 number list) of known inbound callers, and turn those numbers into Caller Names to be displayed in Queuemetrics. I have tried SetCallerID and Asterisk PhoneBook. The most I can do is get Freepbx CDR’s to display what I want (using Asterisk Phonebook as a lookup option) but this does not carry over into Queuemetrics. At most, I can get QM to display a blank field in the “Caller” field, or the original CID from FPBX. Seems like it should be simple enough but… Freepbx 13, Asterisk 13, QM 19.04.1 . So just to sum up, I want the caller with a known number like 15025551212 to be reflected as “Caller’s Name” in QM when viewing reports using the “Caller” field. Thanks in advance.

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