Caller ID to cell phone

I have google voice as my sip provider. calls come in to an IVR then to a ring group. in the ring group is a cell phone number. whenever someone calls the cell phone always displays the phone number of the google voice provided number. is there any way to force it to use the caller id of the caller to display on the cell phone. i use opencnam to get caller id names.

Outbound calls on a GV trunk always show the GV number.

what if i changed providers to sipstation would they be able to do this?

Yes, outbound CallerID from the PBX is respected.

Without meaning to take food from Lorne’s childrens’ mouths, any VOIP provider that honors “foreign Caller ID” will be able to help you.

SIPStation is a good choice, but there are plenty of other providers out there that can help you as well. Prepaid providers like “CallWithUs” have outbound only accounts for a few parts of a cent per call with no monthly minimum. Note that there are LOTS of outbound-only prepaid providers out there, so this isn’t an endorsement for CallWithUs or any other specific provider.

The more you know …