Caller Id Superfecta Yellow Pages Lookup

I wrote a module for caller id lookup that works pretty well and wanted to share it as you guys have shared so much that I use. The simplest way to implement this is the rewrite one of the modules that you do not use. I wrote over the Can411 module as I have no use for it. Then simply enable the module on the Superfecta configuration page.

The code for the module can be found here.

Link removed by FreePBX as the product is in violation of Yellow Pages Terms of User.

Thanks for the contribution. Superfecta is maintained by POSSA and any contributions for this or other possa projects are happily received at

PM sent.

This module also violates the Terms of Service of Yellow Pages website.

Just for clarification starting with FreePBX 2.11 Superfecta is part of the module admin system in FreePBX but our version has removed alot of the different lookup sources for any website that the lookup is in violation of their ToS.