Caller ID Spoofing

I have a PBX setup at my house and I keep getting calls that when answered are showing my own caller id. When I answer it is a Microsoft licensing scam. What is the best way to block these calls? I’m on vitelity sip trunks.

We’ve talked about this several times.

In this example, the easiest way is to look at the Caller ID of the incoming call. If it’s not you (and I’m pretty sure you’d know if you were calling) then use a “Caller ID” Inbound Route that sends to call to a dead-end destination or an IVR that tells the caller how to actually get hold of you.

In the more general case, there’s really nothing you can do about CID spoofing. In fact, it’s one of those tools that, when used for good it really powerful and useful, and when used for evil makes it something people want to disable.

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