Caller ID shows @IP address


I have a PIAF system that is using Yealink T27 phones and the caller ID on inbound shows fine but when trying to dial it back out from history it dials it with @ IP ADDRESS at end causing it never to actually send the call out.

How can i get this fixed to not include the @IP Address on there. I know that there is fix for this for polycom phones but never had this issue before with Yealink phones.

My system:

PIAF Installed Version = under VIRTUALPC x
x FreePBX Version = x
x Running Asterisk Version = 11.10.0 x
x Asterisk Source Version = 11.10.0 x
x Dahdi Source Version = 2.9.0 x
x Libpri Source Version = 1.4.14 x
x IP Address = x
x Operating System = CentOS release 6.4 (Final) <> x

I’ve been seeing this on a new installation as well. I thought it was odd, but figured it was something I was doing wrong. Now that I’m hearing someone else report it, I’m emboldened. It’s probably still something I"m doing wrong, but at least now we have company…

So far i have tried everything in the book and searched online with no resolution. :frowning:

is this google voice?

No this is a SIP provider… We have many other phones with many systems of the same type that do not have this issue. Looks like it could be firmware which i will test next.

I’m seeing it on my soft phones (Zoiper, to be precise). It’s just on the CID.

Well 2.11 has been frozen for years so nothing changed there. My guess is in the latest stuff that portion of the code probably has changed very little. So it has to be something externally introduced rather than some sort of introduced bug since it is in a branch that had not been touched in a long time. It looks like in 2.11 the code goes back to 2007 so 9 years nothing has changed.

It is probably useful to provide a call trace (use and post a link. Please obfuscate any sensitive data.

This was resolved by doing a firmware upgrade on the phones. The @IP address still shows up when you select a number from history but it does dial it out.

Thanks for your suggestions.