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at the moment i am seeing some Problems with my CallerID in RingGroup with external Numbers, my Provider is saying that too. I hope i can describe that problem.
Here are some Informations:


Trunk Number: 0049123456
Outbound CallerID: 00491234560

So a SIP Trace for a normal Outbound Call says:

From: “00491234560” sip:[email protected]

Thats the right way:

But when i get a call from exaple 004911115 to my Ring Group with an MobileNumber, my PBX is doing an external call to my MobilePhone to answer that call. But a SIP Trace says than:

From: “004911115” sip:[email protected]

But thats the wrong way, ofcourse my Provider tells me that there is something wrong. It should be:

From: “004911115” sip:[email protected]

But where can i set that up?

It is normal for a forwarded call to get the inbound caller ID used for the outbound call.

If you do not want that, you need to change the default settings in your ring group.

Thank you for the fast answer!

But I want to see the original calling number on my phone.

But the Calling number should only be in the “” Marks not before @…

Its the same for FollowMe

I there a way to do it?

You will have to ask your provider how they allow you to spoof a caller ID. Because, technically, that is what you are doing. It is not your phone number that you are sending on the outbound call.

This is typically trunk configuration.

With a pjsip trunk, the first thing to set it the PAI options in the advanced tab.

My Provider is supporting CID Spoofing. But only when i get my trunk number before the @ sign.
And the spoofed number in “”

Like my Extension “15” is sending this in a Sip Trace:

From: “004912345615” sip:[email protected]

I have never heard of provider supporting spoofed CID using the From header in this way. I don’t think there is GUI support to do this, but you could use the dialout-trunk predial hook macro to adjust CALLERID name and number for forwarded calls. Hooking for fun and income

In the trunk settings, have you tried
From User: 0049123456
(for a pjsip trunk) or
for a chan_sip trunk?

I will try it the next days

Already set but already wrong

The calls are working and shown correct on the mobile phone.

But my Provider says these calls are going over the Backup Infrastructure because of wrong CID Stuff

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