Caller ID Question

I have an extension set to dial my cellphone. In the dial field I have:
SIP/[email protected]
When I dial that extension, my cellphone rings fine… but I’m wanting to set the caller ID to a specific number so my phone will see it as another cellphone number. Anyone know how I can do this?

And you are trying to do this so that the Cell Phone company sees it as an In call or Free friends and family call.

Psst yes it does work everyone, but is it right?

What cell company have you tried. What domains are you connecting to?

i.e. SIP/[email protected] ???

yes. however, if you are trying to cheat the system (as it sounds like) then, nothing’s for free, you will have spend the time on your own to figure it out (unless someone else jumps in and gives you the answer). (I set this up for clients to legitimately know the call is coming in from a support line, for example. Not to cheat the phone company…


Here in the USA that is not legal…called theft of service.