Caller ID Problem with GSM Gateway

Hello everyone,

I have a freepbx server setup with a Suncom 1659i GSM Gateway. It works well. I am now trying to setup the callback for the unit.

Here is my problem. When I call from the outside to the gateway it goes to my hotline number which is how it should be. But the Caller ID is not correct. The Caller ID that shows is the SIP extension that the GSM Gateway is using but not the number of the Calling party. That is the reason why I cannot setup callback since the number is incorrect.

I tried using an asterisk 1.4 setup from scratch and when I use that with the GSM gateway, It sends the correct number from the calling party and not the Sip extension of the Gateway is using.

Here is a mini diagram of what I mean. Of the Wrong info on the Caller ID.
Caller1 --> GSM Gateway --> Freepbx --> Hotline number
1234567 101(Incorrect)

Using Asterisk 1,4
Caller1 --> Gsm Gateway --> Asterisk1.4 --> Hotline Number
1234567 1234567

Is there a reason why freepbx is doing this?
If you can help me where to look into. I have tried a lot of the settings in Freepbx but nothing seems to work how I want it to work.

Thank you for your replies.


Just bumping my thread. Can anyone help me with this please?