Caller ID prepend on failover trunk overwritten by ring group

Have a client who has a large SIP trunk, and also a single failover VOIP line just in case. Their call flow is such that incoming calls are passed to a ring-group, and then if no answer they fall into a queue. Both the ring-group and the queue have their own caller-id prepends set (OR: and OQ: respectively). There is also a prepend defined on the failover trunk (FAIL:) to give some indication that the main trunk has failed. Unfortunately while the FAIL: prepend is added, it’s then subsequently stripped as the call flow proceeds into the ring-group and queue. I know that I could (and may have to) create a separate but parallel ring-group and queue exclusively for the failover trunk, but before I go through all of that hassle… is there any easier way? In this case we’d even be fine with a double prepend (FAIL:OR: / FAIL:OQ:)


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