Caller ID Prefix overwritten

I have an issue very similar to the following post:

In fact it might be identical except the system I’m on is still based on zaptel rather than dahdi. It is running trixbox 2.8.0 and whichever freepbx that comes with. The incoming connection is a PRI, and in PRI debugs I can see the caller name being sent after the caller id prefix has already been set.

I have tried implementing a caller id prefix on an inbound route, and it works if the CLEC doesn’t send a name, but once a name is sent, the caller id prefix is overwritten. In one of my tests, the called party actually saw the caller id prefix until the call was answered and then it changed to the caller name sent over the PRI, but that isn’t always the case.

My skillset isn’t high enough to actually change any code and recompile, so I’m looking for other work arounds. I’d love to simply ignore the caller name sent by the PRI, but I don’t know if that can be done, while keeping the calling number.

Or if I can just add a pause of some sort to this inbound route, as mentioned in the linked post, I’d definitely be willing to try that.

Okay, so taking a shot in the dark, I put ‘1’ in the aptly named “pause before answer” in the inbound route. Other than making the initial ring unnaturally long, it does seem to have fixed the issue. I’m still making some more test calls, but now rather than seeing caller ID change from:


it now just gets set as: