Caller ID - phonebook

i have installed FreePBX with a sip trunk line and 5 extensions. As soft-phone, i’m using Linphone.
When i receive a call, there is a way to display on the soft-phone the name of the caller instead of the number?


Do you have caller ID setup within FreePBX?

The information does not come from no where.

You pay your SIP trunk provider for it, or you pay a third party (OpenCNAM is a good one) for it.

Hi Jared,
The information is supposed to come from phone book located on the pbx.

That doesn’t tell anyone anything. You were asked if you had your Caller ID setup.


Try With CallerID Lookup.


Do you mean CID Superfecta? I create there a new scheme and choose only Asterisk Phonebook as source, but with no success.

Yes you can also use that one. But check one thing your softphone(Linphone) supports callerid name, because i’m not sure about Linphone.


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