Caller ID over phone SIP Trunk

I am having an issue with Caller ID over a SIP Trunk in my weird setup (again). The setup is, I have a client with remote phones that I need to route calls from. They are moving from a different VoIP service provider to our VoIP system. Because these phones are remote and numerous, I would prefer to not make changes to them if possible. It looks like the old provider used usernames and passwords to register phones to the system instead of extension number and password. I tried to find a way to use a username instead of an extension number and register the phone to the system like a normal extension. Based on what I found it does not look like that is possible. So instead, I have built a SIP trunk between my “HUB” FreePBX and a phone using the username and password they provided. Calls are now working in and out without having to touch the remotes. The issue I am having is, when I call from a remote phone I get the general number I configured with my Sipstation trunk as my caller ID on the receiving end instead of the number I have set as CID on the phone trunk. Is there a way to get caller ID to work in this situation? Is there a better way to do this entirely? (I tried the “trustrpid=yes” thing from my other similar question and the CID worked from PBX to PBX. Now i need to do the same with Phone to PBX)

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