Caller ID on Call forwarding

I want an extension to forward to a mobile phone but with some indicator that it came from the pbx (not his personal line).
Seems to ignore CID Name prefix, even when I try “+39” as suggested elsewhere.
Announcement doesn’t do it – that plays to the caller.

In the fun and exciting world of stop the bad guys most carriers will no longer allow you to set the caller id to something you don’t own. You would have to get your carrier to allow it and the FCC ( and sister agencies around the world) are up peoples back sided to not do this.

If using FMFM with confirm calls enabled there is an admin defined announcement that can be played to the answering party of the forwarded call.

What is FMFM?

Find-Me Follow-Me. You can enable this on a per-extension basis.

Thank you. I’ve played with the FMFM options.
When I “Confirm calls” the receiver has to press 1 to get the call. That’s not optimal. “Hello? Hello?” silence. Is it a telemarketer? Take my cell from my ear, call up the dialpad, and by the time I press 1, too late.
Is FreePBX able to detect that the call has been answered? Can it say the remote announce on answer?

Then you must be doing something wrong. If I ignore a call from FM with Call Confirm active, I get a voicemail message with the confirmation message and a pause waiting for DTMF.

Now you can turn off call confirm and you dont have to press anything. Of course, if your voicemail answers the call is answered and they get prompted to leave a voicemail on the destination phone.

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