Caller ID number cannot call back

I’m probably using the wrong terminology here, and that’s making it hard to search for a solution, so hopefully someone can get me on the right path.
I’m using FreePBX with Yealink T48G phones. I noticed recently that i’ve been unable to call back numbers (missed calls) from the history list on the phone. The call will just fail with a message on the screen “unknown URL scheme” When try to make these calls, i see on the phone’s screen that the number is something like [email protected] The n is the 10 digit phone number without the 1 at the front. The x is an IP address in my internal DHCP range. It’s not the IP of the phone, and it’s not the IP of the FreePBX server. It’s definately not the gateway or anything on the outside. It appears to be an IP for a host that is not currently alive on my network.
When i redial calls i made manually from the phone, it works properly and doesn’t include the @xx.xx.xx.xx.
This problem may have come up when i did a restore of my system. I had a broken update system a few months ago so i had to build a new FreePBX VM and restore it from backup.
Any ideas where to look to resolve this issue?

I’m also seeing that it’s not all incoming calls that show up like this. Only some of them, and i’m not seeing a pattern as to which ones. I had a handful come in from the same number this morning that had the problem. But now when I’m testing it by calling in from multiple cell phones it’s not doing it.

Find a problematic call in the Asterisk log (/var/log/asterisk/full), paste it at and post the link here. For comparison, do the same for a call that does not have the problem.

I’m not sure what to be looking for in the log. The log times dont seem to match the server time. The most recent entries in the log are today at 19:45. It’s only 14:52 right now.
I’m searching for the phone number from one of the problem calls and seeing many lines referencing that number, but i’m not sure what’s relevant to copy and paste here. When i search the log for that odd IP address i mentioned earlier, the search comes up empty.

As i was going to connect to the server with filezilla, i happened to notice i had an entry for that IP address i mentioned earlier. That was the temporary DHCP IP that the new FreePBX VM got when i brought it online. I left it at that temp IP for a bit while i was doing all the updates and such before i changed the IP to the old static IP and took the old VM offline. So there must be some remnant of that IP in the FreePBX config somewhere.

Try an
fwconsole restart
(beware, it will drop any calls in progress).

If no luck, search /etc/asterisk/*conf for the temporary IP address. If nothing there, paste the log as previously requested.

Perhaps the log is in UTC (a separate issue). That would be consistent if your timezone is CDT.

The line where you first see the phone number will probably contain something like
paste all the lines with that 5-digit number at and post the link here.

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