Caller ID not working


Environment FreeBPX

I have my Outbound CID configured under my extension

Outbound CID: “My Name” left bracket My phone number right bracket

under trunk configurations CID Options is set to “Any CID”

when I call, I only see my phone number, and my name is not showing up!

dose anyone know what else I could check for?

You can only set CNAME information locally, or between two systems that have a trunk.

Your provider has to setup the name that is associated with your trunk.

that’s odd, it worked before! huh! do you know if they charge extra for this?

Thank you

Depends on the carrier. The names are stored in a database that providers subscribe to. They can’t be dynamically changed.

Hope you don’t mind picking into this (related) thread.
I’m also brand new to Freepbx (thanks!), and after some frustrations I managed to set up the most things I needed.

Only one issue, I also use an extension for my cell phone and have trouble with Caller id’s. This is the scenario:

  1. If I call from a sip client(a simple softphone for now) directly to my cell phone, I see the CID of our pbx.(not really related, but ok)

  2. If any call comes in, cid is always shown on the sip phone’s display.

  3. If I call out from the sip phone, through our sip trunk, our nr is shown to the other party.

  4. BUT, if I put my cell phone extension(custom ext,cell phone nr in follow me)in a queue (or transfer from IVR imediatelly to my cell phone), I get the call on my phone but it’s always a private nr. The same call on the sip phone DOES show the caller id.

Any idea why this happens? I’m really breaking my head on this.

Kind regards,