Caller id not working on outbound calls

hello my name is chris and i’m running FREEPBX VERSION and cannot get the outbound caller id working they work in bound when i receive a phone call but when i call out from my phone it says unknown number. on multiple different phones how can i fix this. please can you explain in small steps im still learning freepbx but have no issues with using a computer or setting them up i repair computers for a living as a side job just not good at this phone stuff thanks in advance

Caller ID starts at the top. Your SIP trunk provider. Some force it, most have a place for a default.
Working back the trunk is next.
Back again is the outbound route
Then finally back to the Extension.

All of these places can specify what outbound CID is shown. Most can also be set toforce or override any previous steps.

  1. Extension - bottom of the pile, and rarely populated for most systems.
  2. Outbound Route - this is where I typically set the CID, but I rarely flag it to override the extension, just in case I set it there for a specific user. Usually it is only force onthe ourtound route for 911 calls.
  3. Trunk - I will populate this field only because I hate the extra click I have to make when I apply a change to a trunk with no CID. I never set this to override. Ever.
  4. Provider - Some providers will let you pass anything in the outbound Caller ID form your PBX. Some will require you to validate the outbound CID you are using with a call back before they let you send a number that you are not buying from them. A rare few will not let you send anything but the CID they associate with your trunk.

its fixed i guess i forgot to put a 1 infront of the phone number to identity it as a usa number

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