Caller Id not being passed along


My problem is passing caller id’s to my mobile. The setup is FreePBX server.

I have a Ring Group 600, with Extension List set to my mobile 07x#, an Inbound Route with DiD number xyz, with Set Destination set to 600, the Ring Group number. The Outbound Route Trunk Sequence For Matched Routes is set to xyz trunk/DiD.

When a caller, somewhere in the big wide world, dials xyz the call comes in, hits 600 and is sent to my mobile via the Outbound Route, the problem is, I see the callerID of xyz and not the callers callerID on my mobile phone.

Maybe I’ve set things up wrong or there is a more elegant way to achieve the same result with the desired effect. I cant for the life in me figure out how it is possible to pass the callers ID to my mobile. Would someone be so kind to throw some light on this problem???

What type of trunk are you using? I have only been successful doing this with a sip trunk and a pri and I believe your carrier must also support you dynamically providing CID info

Thanks Frankb

Yes I’m using a sip trunk. Do you know of a way to find out if the callers ID is being passed to the sip provider??

If you are using the Distro and its up to date, I would first look at if your provider supports this functionality. The Distro will already support this natively.

If you look through the logs, you should see where the SIP Caller ID is getting set before the call connects to your SIP provider. That should be a good first clue.

The second would be to do a SIP Debug and watch the data getting passed back and forth between you and your provider.

Many providers do not support pass-through of foreign caller ID information (any CID that isn’t associated with your base account). Some will simply ignore your SIP CID, others will terminate your call.