Caller ID no longer passed during blind transfer

For some reason caller id has just stopped transferring properly when blind transferring from a polycom phone. The only change I’m aware of that was made prior to this report was adding another extension to the ring group that answers our main number, who then transfer calls. No recent system or module updates have been applied. We had problems with caller id when we first switched to freepbx. We updated the system to send and trust rpid, PAI isn’t compatible with the polycom IP 450’s we use. I double checked the extension configs and they all line up with send and trust rpid. I’ve tested blind transfer with the soft phone we use and that passes the correct external caller id. I also tested some yealink phones and they are able to preserve the caller id as well. I’m not sure how to investigate this on the freepbx side, and I could use some guidance on where to look. I’ve checked the logs but haven’t been able to figure out when this started exactly.

Current PBX Version:


Current System Version:


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