Caller ID name

Hi, we have a Sangoma FreePBX connected to HiPath 3800 via SIP trunk. Trunk status is up, Calls beatween PBXs is successfully. But we have a bit problem is Caller ID name is not working via SIP trunk on both side. Please explain for us how to configure freepbx CID settings detailed. there is extension advanced options Outgoing CID. if you write there digits it’s working, but do not supported character(name). please helps us!

The format of Outbound CID is what’s shown when you mouse over the nearby question mark. For example:
"Donald Trump" <12024561414>
Enter it with the quotes and angle brackets exactly as shown. On an intracompany trunk, the ‘Display Name’ will be used instead.

Be sure that your Outbound Route or Trunk settings do not override the caller ID.

If you still have trouble, use
sip set debug on
(for chan_sip) or
pjsip set logger on
(for pjsip)
to view the caller ID sent with the outgoing INVITE. If that’s correct, the trouble is on the HiPath side.

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