Caller ID Name Not Passed On Follow Me Calls

I have an extension 401 which has a follow me of call memoryhun-prim with a cell phone set as an outbound route with one particular sip provider which allows for custom caller id. I set the outbound route to strip off 506. The other trunks do not allow custom caller id. If I has the system call out using those trunks then the caller id would be set to the id of the trunks rather than the number of the person who called. So the salesperson answering the cellphone would get calls not knowing if they were personal or business. Not only will it pass the correct caller id through but also prepend it with W: (name) for work calls.

The system correctly prepends the caller ID name and displays the name and numebr when it rings the extension, but only passes through the number when calling the cell.

Any ideas?

-- Executing NoOp("Local/50619712262015@from-internal-c52d,2", "Using CallerID "OHSU HOSPITAL  " <15034947874>") in new stack

– Executing NoOp(“Local/50619712262015@from-internal-c52d,2”, “REALCALLERIDNUM is 15034947874”) in new stack

I am also experiencing a similar problem. Was this ever resolved?

transmitting CIDNAME has almost no effect. In almost all cases, CIDNAME is generated at the receiving end by the carrier who delivers the final call, which is why some carriers don’t provide CIDNAME at all (it costs them). Worse though, some carriers ignore your CID settings if you provide a name or worse, reject the call. We put a change in 2.4 to pass the CIDNAME (can’t recall the bug number), but it resulted in reports of broken CID or rejected calls so we backed it off to the way it has been - where it only passes the number which, is almost alway all that is needed.