Caller ID lookup

Hi all,

So, since the changes in Superfecta our “sources-germany”-module wasn’t working any longer.

We rewrote it, but don’t wanting to have the same problems getting it into the git as last time - so perhaps we were a little bit angry cause no one informed us that changes to superfecta will be made as we decided to trash it! :shock:

Nevertheless, we are working on a new central System, now INDEPENDENT from any lookup module, still in a stable beta release, which covers (in our opinion) the most important lands. At the moment we are looking up for:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • US
  • Canada

…more to come on request, if there is any additional demand!

The best news, on some systems it needs only a few clicks to set it up (e.g. for our FreePBX with the builtin module “CallerID lookup sources”).

But at the moment, easy or not easy, it is only for people who know what to do with it. Sorry, sorry, but this will change in the future, we promise…

Use the “Caller lookup sources module” of your choice (Type=http) with the following details:

Default is germany, so if you are located outside of germany, you should use a different query:

Query: number=[NUMBER]&own_prefix=your_prefix

Example Query outside germany: number=[NUMBER]&own_prefix=+31

This Example would lookup e.g. as follows:

Cause of the “own_prefix” our Server knows you are located in the netherlands, wanting to lookup a local number from den haag and not a german number (07034).

Please keep in mind, this is stable, but an early beta version - any questions to >> removed <<


It is sad that you think we purposely re-wrote Supefecta without alerting you. The work on the rewrite for superfecta started over three years ago and you never once posted input on github so I am also “shocked” at how you have started this post.

If you would like to talk about how Superfecta was abandoned by its original owner at colsolgrp and saved by Lorne, Andrew and Steve and moved to github before it was deleted forever, then we are free to discuss that fact. However, facts being what they are your email is not present in any source files and therefore it’s not part of our duty to inform people or hunt out people of former projects, to which we have no knowledge of who or where they are. Your effort here seems solely based on the fact that you think you were somehow wronged by the superfecta project and now you are seeking some sort of retribution.

That being said we can not allow third-party linking to sites, especially sites that collect telephone numbers, for which:

  1. we do not know you own
  2. you can’t provide proof that you own them (site and data)
  3. Proof that the data you own is legal (if you stole the data from another site we could potentially be joint sued)
  4. you could steal data, phone numbers of users or other important data that users give to you.

I have no idea who you are or who you represent and we have to protect the userbase of our forums. Discussion about superfecta is ongoing at:

Hi Chris. As you discovered, the Superfecta modules are not interchangeable between versions. While this no doubt caused some confusion or frustration, I assure you that the good introduced by these changes outweighs the bad. It is not all that difficult to migrate modules to the new platform, and the devs automatically migrated many sources automatically. Had you contacted us I or another dev would have assisted.

The sources-Germany module was not migrated automatically because the project now has a strict policy of first confirming that Superfecta modules conform to the terms of service for the individual websites. Since all the devs are english speaking, we had no way of reviewing the terms of service and trying to interpret whether Superfecta lookups were permitted or not. That is until a few months ago when we were contacted by a German speaking user who assisted us with migrations, and due to their efforts, DeTeMedien, Klicktel and Infobel were all migrated and are now available to all Superfecta users.

So hopefully that brings you up to date with Superfecta happenings since your contribution. If you are keen to work on a CallerID project we would be very happy to welcome additional coders and contributions at the Superfecta dev site. If you prefer to proceed on your own that’s great too, PM me a link to your project site, I would like to check it out.

tm1000, last time we experienced problems getting things to the github. Last but not least, our sources germany module was added from Lorne, after Andrew was sitting on it for several weeks.

Our contact data (my private email address) was used for contributing the module to lgaetz and anagy, so it was still known…

Nevertheless, on our installations we still used the migrated and rewrote superfecta module, so if you want to have it, I can send it if you want to have it.

But this wasn’t the intention for this posting. Meanwhile we like the idea of a central lookup system, which lookups much more than only a country or (like our germany sources module) several sources for a country.

Instead of this we wanted to have an easy installable source which lookups different sources in the most important countries at once, for having border free lookups while looking up only one source, like opencnam wants to have it. :wink:

However, this shouldn’t be a discussion on the superfecta history. In addition, we are not going to develop a new lookup module, we are still working on a new and perhaps better source for lookup modules!

Aaand, no, I was’t seeking some sort of retribution, only some people who generate traffic on the source for developing and debugging purposes.

Hi Chris,

Your approach to find caller IDs is very interesting. Especially that no further lookup tool is necessary meets my expectations perfectly.

Because there is no way to ask a question at yours website I have to ask here.

First point, the Swiss country is currently not supported, right? Based on Lgaetz post, it seems that Superfecta now supports Swiss trough (official phonebook provider of Switzerland). Furthermore, the actual model range of Gigaset SIP Phones also supports this feature. So far I know this service works there also trough Is the support of Swiss caller IDs scheduled?

Next question, when Swiss caller ID support would be implemented, is the follow syntax correctly?

Query: number=[NUMBER]&0041=071

0041 (or +41) stands for the Swiss country prefix, and 071 for the region eastern Swiss