Caller ID lookup priority

I would like the Name on an incoming CID to be changed from what ever the telco sends me to what I have in my Asterisk NAB. I put the name and 10 digit phone number into the Asterisk NAB but when the person calls I get the Name the Telco sends me, not the one in my NAB.

Can this be fixed??

There’s a caller ID lookup module (Caller ID Superfecta) that allows you to prioritize the Caller ID lookup and reporting scheme. If that is set up correctly, you should be able to do exactly what you are asking about without any trouble at all.

I have the CID Superfecta loaded. My Asterisk Phonebook is the first entry and it is enabled.
Could the issue be the Phone Book as the number without the +1 and the CID is looking for the +1? Or something like that.

Since the entry is not a perfect match, the entry is not a match.

There’s a context in “extensions.conf” that removes all of the extra cruft from incoming caller ID. If you make that your inbound context instead of “from-pstn” (for example), you should get an exact match.

Dave, I followed your instructions here and read a few of your other posts and found my error. Seems on only a few on the incoming routes I selected the CID lookup. Now that that is in place everything is working just great! Am using the Superfecta, and it is doing its job.

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