Caller ID Lookup Plugin and Addressbook 2.2beta3

How does one setup the Caller ID Lookup Source plugin for using the new Address book plugin? At this time, I receive most calls from a handful of numbers and I would like to associate those as easily as possible.

I wouldn’t mind using the Address Book or CRM, but I can’t get the Inbound route to associate the source and the CRM portion doesn’t seem to be supported yet.

I added an “Internal” Lookup Source and an ENUM source. I tried selecting either of those on one of my inbound routes, but when I click on “Submit” and then “Apply Changes”, the selection goes back to None.

I think this is not necessarily a bug, so I did not post it in the Trac.


I think it may have something to do with this:

There is a workaround if you’ve not seen it yet.

Vew the inbound route a second time before applying the chances.

I’ve gotten it to work with a completely external source, but have not with the Phonebook plugin.

I am having the exact same problem.