Caller id lookup impossible over 2 lines


I have written a small php script which does a lookup in our database (postgresql) and returns different information to be displayed on the phone.

After a few tests, it appears 2 lines can be displayed on our phones (Linksys SPA962), and i do that successfully with, in my script:
echo $line1;
echo “\n”;
echo $line2;

$line1 and $line2 are built previously in the script.

This works fine until I pick up the phone: the person who was called can hear the person at the other end, but the person who called hears nothing and eventually gets disconnected after about 10 seconds.

The system works perfectly fine otherwise if I remove the “\n” character, but only 1 line is used.

We are using version 2.5.1. (just upgraded from

Any ideas ?