Caller id, inbound caller id filter doesn't


I’m using trixbox (with freepbx as base)
and using an audiocodes mp118 for the trunks.

Now i have the caller id working, but the inbound routes does not filer, any call is going to the any/any setting.

Where can i start to pinpoint this problem?

The any/any rule is an “ELSE” rule and must be ALWAYS at the end of the rules list to parse, but FreePBX put at the top of the list, and then, the rest of the rules can’t be parsed.
I fixed this. Look my post here:

I hope this can help…


I am using FreePBX 2.4 and I have a similar problem like that reported by tropicalview some months ago.
I have only one inbound route and I like to accept all the calls coming from a single Caller ID.
(This is only a test, later I will add other Inbound rules trying to redirect calls to different IVR depending on the caller ID, i.e. different country)
My Inbound route is “Any DID/0277773333”. I was expecting to accept all the calls directed to any number but coming from 0277773333.
This does not happen.

If somene can help me … thanks in advance