Caller to Use it?

What is meant by ‘caller ID name and number string’ ?

I have number under the caller ID (<19154444444> example) and that number dose come out on customer’s phone, but now I was asked if it would be possible to have the company name come out. not sure what that string looks like.

I would appreciate a sample if possible.

Thanks in advance!!

Usually it is not your option to pass CNAM. In the US at least it is ignored. You can pass the CNUM but the carrier that is receiving the call does a lookup to get the name. Your carrier can often set a CNUM for you in that database. When my son calls someone his caller ID is “Captain Awesome”. But that was set at the carrier level.

If you don’t mind my asking, how did you get your CNAM set to something that is not your legal name? Here, the local POTS will not allow that at all. I tried.

Thanks!! @jfinstrom I kinda figured that and had contacted FlowRoute and it looked like we were already set up for that. Thought I would check on here for anything different. Thanks again!!

Our carrier has a web form you can put in anything you like. I am sure if it was offensive they would kill it, but anything reasonable seems to be allowed

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