Caller ID for external numbers?

Our company has a couple of mobile numbers and I want them to show up with a name when they dial numbers from our freepbx. Is it possible?
I tried with CID Superfecta, adding the numbers to the contact manager, also tried with set caller id, but none of this seems to work. The Caller ID still shows only the number, and not any names.

Hi, for outbound numbers you should use Outcnam not superfecta.

To make it simple you could also combine it with my own Module or only follow the section about the configuration of outcnam if you want to use only that. Obviously you need to create a contact matching the number inside FreePBX or on an external carddav address book.

Unfortunately Outcnam requires version 15 and up, and I am running

You can use version 0.0.4 for fpbx 14

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