Caller ID does not come through to Queue Agent on sipek VOIP for C Sharp

I have set up FreePBX with a queue and an extension over a SIP-VOIP account and it works fine. Except, that on the softphone that I programmed with C Sharp using the SIPEK Voip SDK, the Caller ID on the agent’s extension shows up as “asterisk” instead of the CID of the caller when calling from a queue… When I set up my C-Sharp-softphone with the SIP-details directly instead of the FreePBX extension and call it directly the caller ID comes through fine. When using Zoiper as an extension, the Caller ID comes through fine… What could the problem be? Any ideas? :slight_smile:

You’re not passing the Caller ID through to the call. You can either use the “Set CallerID” module or you can set the “TrustRPid” option on the extension settings on your PBX.

Hi Dave!

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this did not help. The TrustRPid had already been set to YES and setting up the Caller ID module did not change anything either. Do I have to change any of the settings in the “Set Caller ID” module?

Not normally.

Since you are “rolling your own”, you might need to look at the Caller ID Name function in your app. It is getting that name from somewhere, and “asterisk” is not something typically sent to the phone. A SIP trace might be helpful in this case so that you can see what the server is sending your all.

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