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Hi Team

I have multiple team like Sales, Marketing and other. I am using freepbx and SIP trunk to make external call. I want to user different-2 Caller ID for Sales and Marketing. and Different for other team for external calls. Please suggest.

Adding more details.

My Team using a application portal to make calls via my Freepbx Asterisk manager. What is required now when user make call via application then caller ID should be different and when user make call from his extension then caller ID should be different.


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You can set the Outgoing CID on each extension.

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Unless these numbers are part of your DID range, you may have to go through a process of proving that you control each of the numbers (e.g. accept a test call), and, in the worst case, you may have to change ITSP.

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Couldn’t you just use two different outbound routes with a prefix on each one? For example you’d dial 9xxx-xxx-xxxx for outbound caller ID1 and 4xxx-xxx-xxxx for outbound caller ID2. The caller ID information, including the number, is stored in the Route CID field. Then simply click the “Yes” button to override the extension’s own called ID info which is then replaced with the Route CID.

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Yes, or you could set up extension “ranges” where one Caller-ID is associated with one set of extensions, and the other with the other. That way, you manage the CID at the Outbound Route level.

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Ah. I didn’t read closely enough. I thought he wanted the extension to be able to determine the CID for the outbound call on a call-by-call basis.

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