Caller ID Between 2 Bxes

I have a couple of FreePBX boxes connected via SIP trunk. I can send and receive calls between the boxes, but having a problem with the CID. I get the Caller’s name and below that the name of the trunk. Any ideas on what it takes to get the caller’s name and the extension?



When i removed the fromuser setting, it gave me " All circuits are busy" can you guys give me your SIP trunk settings to compare with mine please.


I found somewhere on the net, that adding sendrpid=yes to the peer settings and trustrpid to the user settings will override the fromuser.

I tried it and it works keeping the fromuser setting!!

Actually i do have a fromuser, i will remove it and see how it goes, thanks :slight_smile:

Removing the “fromuser” setting is the ticket!



Do you have a fromuser setting in your trunk? Probably need to remove that…

i am facing the same issue, i hope someone can help, would you like to exchange SIP trunk configurations Bill?