Caller ID assignment


I am trying to get an outbound SIP trunk working with our CID’s. Currently ALL calls going out will come up with the main number regardless of extension or location within the business (single site + single outbound ISDN30 line number with 15 channels). What I need to be able to do is assign each individual or member of a queue a direct dial number that is displayed on the receiving end whenever they make a call, effectively, overriding the main number.

So my question is :

Is this possible? and if so how do I configure it?


That depends on your provider, mostly they will only allow you to use outbound CID’s (ANI, Automatic Number Identification) to be changed to one within the range of your agreement, check with your provider.

I have spoken to our provider and their response was it’s managed by your PBX:

“The presentation of CLID is controlled by the PBX. There is nothing that needs to be done exchange/ISDN wise.”

That being the case I still only get our main number displayed going out. I have tried changed the CID from within FreePBX on the queue and that has no effect.


I had a similar problem after switching providers and was able to resolve it by setting the Outbound CID on the individual Extensions. You may also need to check if you have CID set on the Outbound Route and potentially remove those settings.