Caller ID after FollowMe transfer

I have a couple of extension configured with followme option, to transfer the call to another extension after 15 seconds of no answer. Currently when the call is transferred, the Caller ID shown on the transfer target is the number calling, and not the number of the extension from which the call is transferred.
For example:
External number 0987123 calls extension 310.
310 doesn’t pickup and the call is transferred after 15 seconds to 300.
On 300’s display, the caller ID is 0987123, but I want it to be 310, so 300 knows where the call is transferred from.
Is it possible to do this?

I usually set a CID prefix:

If I do that, the prefix is added to the caller ID even before it is transferred.

Can you please share a screenshot of your FollowMe config?

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