Caller does not hear ringing on Inbound DAHDI calls (PRI)

We recently swapped to a FreePBX distribution and have a PRI connected via a Xorcom Astribank and Dahdi. All works fine, except that callers from the outside do not hear ringing tones. For example:

If I dial an IVR from an internal extension, and then enter another internal extension number, I hear ringing progress tones. If I dial an inbound route from the outside world and do the same thing, I hear nothing until the called party eithe rpicks up or the call goes to voicemail. Enabling “Signal RINGING” in the inbound route setup does not solve this problem.

“Asterisk Dial Options” under Advanced Settings is set to “tr”.

Any help would be appreciated,


It’s a DAHDI problem.


should fix it.

A new release of dahdi-tools/dahdi-linux should be coming soon.

Available now as:


If you are on the Distro RPM’s should be up shortly

Thank you for the update. The link you posted only give me “404 - No such project”, though (it looks like an ellipsis crept in there).

I will keep an eye out for updated RPMs.


Just to confirm, I updated Dahdi last night and the problem is now gone. Thank you!


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