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Not sure what happened but as of Oct 2ed based off our logs our caller ID stopped working. I have updated all the modules and system updates then rebooted and still having an issue. I did contact flowroute and there verified everything was working on there end. Can someone give me some advice and point me in the right direction?

Please explain; “called ID” is not a standard term. Do you mean that on incoming calls, the called number (DID) is not presented and all calls take the default route? Or do you mean caller ID, on incoming calls the caller’s number is not displayed or the caller’s name is not shown? Or on outgoing calls the desired caller ID is not sent?

@Stewart1 yes I mean caller ID, on incoming calls the caller’s number is not displayed or the caller’s name is not shown it shows “UNKNOWN CALLER” never had this issue before so not sure why this is happing now and was wondering if you can point me in the right direction to get this fixed.

Are you saying that calls fail in different ways? Is this problem intermittent?

Assuming that if you call in from your mobile phone you see a problem, look at the Asterisk log to see whether the caller number and/or name are shown and whether they are presented to the called device.

For further details, at the Asterisk command prompt type
pjsip set logger on
sip set debug on
according to trunk and extension type. This will cause SIP traces to appear in the Asterisk log, along with the regular entries. Call in from your mobile. If the incoming INVITE from Flowroute doesn’t show the proper name and/or number, you should contact their support with the new evidence.

If the caller info is ok coming in but not being presented to the extension, the Asterisk log should show where it is getting lost. If it’s being sent to the extension but the phone is not showing it, the phone could be misconfigured.

In addition to the From header, other headers such as Remote-Party-ID and P-Asserted-Identity can carry caller ID info. If these are present but not consistent, there are settings in the trunk, extension and device that control which of these are sent and/or displayed.

If you still have trouble, paste the log of a failing call at and post the link here.

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