Callcentric problems

Looks like Callcentric is having some technical difficulties (below). I thought I would post this in case anyone is having problems and is tempted to start making changes to their configuration.

Investigation into current problems:
We are aware of an issue affecting some customers which can cause intermittent problems with inbound/outbound calls and/or SIP Registrations to drop. Our top-tiered engineers have been deployed and they are performing a thorough investigation with a goal of achieving a comprehensive resolution in as timely a fashion as possible.

Please keep in mind, only some customers are affected and this is an intermittent issue which should not result in a service outage or an extended disruption of service.

A review of our reports and monitoring systems shows that our Internet Connections, PSTN Connections, and Carrier Level connections are all currently up and running; additionally we do not see any hardware/software failures on our internal systems.

Apologies for any potential inconvenience; we are fully committed to resolving this matter as soon as possible. If your account is affected, please note that we are working on the issue. There is no need to open a trouble ticket at this time for this specific issue.

We will be posting further updates both within the My Callcentric Portal and on our Twitter Page (