Callcentric outbound call, no ring


I started having problems a couple of weeks ago when dialing out over one of my Callcentric trunks. The call goes through but I do not see the “SIP is making progress passing it to…” message and hear no outgoing ring. The line appears dead until someone answers at the other end.

Callcentric support, which is superb in my experience, say they have traced my trunk connection and they’re sending the necessary SIP messaging back and my server ( with FreePBX 2.6) so it rings. Indeed, if I use a soft client and connect directly, bypassing my PBX, the soft client does ring on outbound.

But this only happens with Callcentric trunks. I have several other providers and those calls ring outward. Two other PBXs I’ve setup with the same software and no changes in the last 6 months started showing this issue recently as well. If I call on a Callcentric trunk to another voip or toll free number, the call rings fine. That points it back to Callcentric.

Any suggestions? Anyone else with a Callcentric trunk that can call a POTS number and hear a ring?


I am having the same issue here as well. When I dial out of state (from NC to VA) I get ringback but not when I dial here in NC. I also am not having proper CID going out under same conditions. Dial an 800 ANAC and I get proper CID but when I call my cell phone I get “unknown” when I used to get proper ID.

I am going to submit my own ticket to CallCentric, just thought I would let you know that you were not alone.


Thanks much, Tim, that’s a relief. I mean, sorry it’s happening to you too but now I know it’s not something I’m doing. I’ve sent Callcentric my debug log output and they are looking into it. It’d be great when they get a similar report from you. Thanks!!

I had the same problem but it only happened for a day or two before we ported our numbers to We are located here in Phoenix, AZ and we were constantly having problems with an XO router in Virginia with lag spikes in the area of 300-800ms causing all kinds of interesting issues. You may want to check your routes.

VoIP.MS has been a dream. They had a failure for about 10 minutes a couple of weeks ago but my customers are configured to simply route calls from LA to DAL if something goes wrong.