CallCap Blacklist

I was searching around today for a blacklist that could be integrated into FreePBX and stumbled into this:

This looks really intriguing and looks like it would be a great add-in for FreePBX. Perhaps as a module or something similar…

I appreciate all of the hard work you have all done. Is there a good place where I could donate a few bucks to help keep this project rolling?

This wasn’t meant to be link spamming. My original thought was that it would be cool to create something like Spamhaus for PBXes to filter telemarketers at the gateway.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the existing Blacklist feature, my post was intended to be a suggestion for extending it…

What’s wrong with the blacklist module that comes with FreePBX?

Link spamming!

Regardless of the original poster’s intentions, the freepbx module works OK but it could be improved, for example by adding a description field for the blocked numbers.

That needs a rewrite of the module as we use the built-in function in Asterisk and there is no way to do it with that function. If someone does the coding as suggested in ticket 2418 it would sure help.