Callbox Setup? Possible?

We run a low income housing facility. On site manager is barraged constantly with stupid questions or inquiries and can’t get his job done.

We use Cisco 7960 SIP phones. I’m building a outside phone enclosure with a SIP phone in it.

We want whoever picks up receiver to be greeted with Virtual Receptionist asking them to leave a message with optional level of importance at end. No one can make calls to any extension or outside line from this callbox.

After the voicemail is recorded, it will be emailed to on-site manager and owners.

The main question is the initial setup of the call box.

Thanks in advanced…

Yes you can do that. Most phones can be programmed to dial a number when taken offhook.

I would not put the effort into building something gaitronics makes ruggetized outdoor tamperproof SIP phones.

Thanks, SkyKing. Off hook, direct dial. Great. Should be easy enough to program direct dial to VR and take it from there.

I’ll start the research and play with one of the phones. I will post my findings and accomplishments.

I plan to build a call box around the phone with a door. Yes, I saw many outdoor sip phones, but out of my price range. And the fact, that some idiot might smash my cisco phone, they’re a dime a dozen these days.

I have a cisco 7940 SIP installed in an outside box with only the keypad, speaker and speaker button exposed.

When someone hits the speaker button, phone should go off hook and internally route call to IVR.

I can’t figure out where to setup this senario in the Web Administration GUI (Freepbx).

Can anyone give me some pointers in the right direction?


You can’t. You need to make a custom context.

Have you thought of use a door phone? The Algo’s are in the web store and work great.

I have to agree. The amount of time you will spend on hacking a solution is not worth the hassle. The right tool for the right job. Those phones were not designed for outdoor use.