Callback using particular trunk


I’m trying to make my callbacks using a particular trunk and not following my dialplan. How can I make that ?

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Can you give us a little more detail of what you are trying to do. I think the solution will be something with steering digits, but I need a little more info to see what can be done.

In fact, I’m running a server for my friends. They have each one one callback number and one trunk used for the calling application after callback and disa. What I wanted is that each callback uses their own trunks to make the callback (so their trunk is used for callback and outgoing calls) and the callback application doesn’t use my own trunks. (I provide them this…but I don’t want to pay for their calls :wink: )

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Does anyone has some idea ??

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Should be fairly easy to do.
Simply make a seperate outbound route for each friend, with their designated phone number (as it is presented to the PABX when they call in) in the Dial Pattern.
Select the appropriate trunk to use for each friend.
Then, you’ll need to bump those routes you’ve created up to the top of the Outbound Route list (though leave your Emergency route at the very top) as the system will go through the Outbound Routes in order, looking to match the dial pattern.

For an illustration of what I mean, look here:


  1. This will only work if they dial from the number specified in the Dial Patterns. If they ring from their girlfriends place, or mobile phone, it will callback using your trunk
  2. Everytime you call your friends on their designated number, you’ll be calling using their trunk ;).

You might want to modify the trunk you use for outbound with a steering digit, eg: 9 or a PIN so you can avoid both issues.

All in all, it’s quite a nice idea you’ve implemented.

Thanks for you answer. indeed, it’s what I have done with the numbers of my friends…but I wanted to let them using the system from anywere, so I did’didn’t put any callback number in the callback application…
For the caveat number two, with custom context, I banned myself from the routes used to call theirs numbers, so I use my trunk and not theirs…
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but I wanted to let them using the system from anywere, so I did’didn’t put any callback number in the callback application…

This is what is known in the industry as a Very Bad Idea.
You are basically opening up your system to anyone in the world to use and abuse it, with only a PIN to protect it.

If the requirement is that anyone can call in (which you should have specified at the beginning), you’re better off setting up a DISA for each client, and route the calls out through their trunk.
Even then, DISA are seen as an unwise addition to a PABX unless you have reverse number authentication, which basically brings you back to the example provided earlier.