Callback Service (E-Mail) if Queue ist overloaded or extension is not reachable?

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There is a possibility if a caller is in the queue (or calls the extension directly) and the extension is busy, that the caller then receives the message (MP3 announcement): Unfortunately, all lines are busy. If you would like to be called back, press key 1.
Then when the caller presses button 1, an e-mail should go out to a stored e-mail address with the information when the caller called and when the call was made.

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usually with Queue’s you give the waiting caller the ability to press 1 (or any other number) to leave a message for the agents. This then leaves a voicemail which you can use the voicemail to email functionality to provide what you are asking for.

  1. create an IVR with that has an option to leave a voicemail if a certain number is pressed
  2. create an announcement that says something like “We’re sorry to keep you waiting, if you’d prefer to leave a voicemail and have someone call you back, please press 1 now or continue to hold for the next available agent” and that then transfers the call to the IVR you just created
  3. Applications > Queue > Call Announcements > IVR Break out menu

Place the announcement there and select how often you would like the caller to hear this option. I usually put 5 minutes but it depends on how busy the queue is in your particular situation.

There may be a better way to do it but that’s what I know.

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Typically, you want to use Queue Call Back, and this is an advanced feature in the commercial
Queues Pro module -

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