Callback Module waits for the extension to answer and then calls back the outside caller

First I want to say I’m a total newbie regarding asterisk and I managed to get along with it through the freepbx interface.

What I want to do is (using the Callback module or any other way) that the system to call an extension firstly and then callback the outside number as follows:

  1. Outside caller rings Asterisk server
  2. The callback module hangs up to the caller
  3. A call is initiated to the callback destination (an extension in my case)
  4. The system waits for the extension to answers the call and when answered plays a ringtone
  5. Callback rings the outside caller and when answered it joins the two calls

I want to use callback like this because there is the possibility that the extension may not answer and to be charged as a reverse call pointlessly.

Is there any way i could do this?

Thank you very much!!